About Mott Hall Charter School

The mission of the Mott Hall Charter School is to prepare our scholars in mind, body, and character to succeed in top high schools, colleges, and careers by becoming inquisitive, open-minded, and compassionate citizens of the world.

A Whole Child
Approach to Learning

At MHCS we believe that in order to be successful we must provide a holistic educational experience, tending to the developing mind, body, and character of our young scholars. Only in this way will we be preparing leaders for the 21st century.

Mot Hall A Whole Child Approach
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.29.30 PMMott Hall Charter School offers a rigorous academic program grounded in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. This approach provides a student-centered and inquiry-based learning experience that strives to make learning engaging, relevant, and connected to a global context.  Scholars are required to take three years of foreign language, coursework in the arts, and have the opportunity for Regents level classes in mathematics and science in 8th grade. All Mott Hall classes integrate technology and utilize elements of the AVID College and Career Readiness program to provide scholars with the organizational, time management, and study skills they need to succeed.
Middle school students are in a critical time for their physical health and development. They are full of energy, beginning to experience significant changes to their bodies, and are gaining more independence in making choices for themselves.  In our efforts to curb the rate of childhood obesity in our community and to create healthy citizens Mott Hall has a no sugar or high fructose corn syrup policy on our campus. All scholars take physical education and health class each week including instruction in sexual health.

Under the guidance of a skilled coaching staff, Mott Hall offers a wide variety of after school athletic clubs and teams for both boys and girls including soccer, flag football, basketball and more.  These opportunities not only help our scholars stay healthy they also provide college bound skills.

RISE Core Values

Through our core values we teach our scholars the character skills to overcome the obstacles they face to being successful in life.  These core values are Responsibility, Integrity, Scholarship, and Excellence. Scholars are introduced to these attributes from the moment they walk through our door and our values are reinforced throughout their time at Mott Hall through our school culture, our RISE Incentive Program, and our school affirmation.

Teaching Good Choices

Our behavior and discipline approach provides an age-appropriate response to scholar misbehavior. We set firm limits for acceptable behavior and help teach scholars to make the right choices for themselves. When they do not we provide additional opportunities for them to practice the skills they need in small group and one-on-one settings.

School Uniform

To foster a learning community free of distraction Mott Hall upholds a strict uniform policy. The policy is strictly enforced, with scholars expected to be in full uniform whenever they are on school grounds. Amendments to the uniform are only allowed for medical or religious reasons.  Wearing our uniform each day reflects all four of our school’s core values of responsibility, integrity, scholarship, and excellence.

  • Mott Hall button down or polo shirt
  • Mott Hall cardigan sweater or sweatshirt
  • Khaki Pants with a brown or black belt
  • Solid color socks
  • Black sneakers or shoes (sneakers must be 80% black)

Click here to access the uniform website

In order to make it to a top performing high school, our scholars will have to work harder than ever before, with greater focus, and more self-discipline. Our social and emotional health program helps scholars manage stressors they face at school and home, learn self-regulation strategies, and develop the emotional intelligence required to successfully navigate this time in their lives. Our supports include:

  • Social and emotional health assessments
  • Training for all staff in trauma and attachment theory and strength-based interventions.
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Body-mind techniques including breathing, guided imagery, visualization, meditation, and yoga.
  • Parent support groups
College readiness begins in the 6th grade as scholars gain the mindset and skills necessary to succeed in a college preparatory high school and ultimately in college. Mott Hall offers a comprehensive College Readiness Program which includes:

  • Personalized high school vision plan for every scholar.
  • High School placement and application assistance
  • Top performing high school and college visits
  • Test Preparation
  • Partnerships with high school placement programs such as Prep for Prep and the Boys Club of New York.
  • College Bound after school enrichment.

Our after school program allows scholars to pursue an interest and build skills in activities they can pursue in high school and college. These activities include visual art, music, theater, dance, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Basketball, Football, and Soccer.

College and Career Learning Journeys and International Travel

  • To expose our scholars to the world beyond their immediate neighborhood, MHCS coordinates opportunities for them to learn first hand about various industries and what it takes to be successful in each. Learning Journeys have included exposure to finance at Goldman Sachs, hospitality at Amali Restaurant, fashion design at C Ronson, environmental conservation at Rocking the Boat, and more.
  • Scholars who have embodied our core values have the opportunity to travel abroad to learn about other cultures and ways of life.

Conversant Mentor Initiative

  • Part mentorship, part vocabulary and grammar lesson, and part training in the art of conversation, the MHCS Conversant Mentor Initiative pairs Scholars one-to-one with a professional adult.  The adult shares his or her career path, introduces new vocabulary words, corrects common grammatical mistakes, and helps the Scholar hone the important skill of conversation.

Is Mott Hall Charter School a good fit for you?

We are seeking scholars interested in rising to the challenge of gaining entry into a top high school and ultimately going to college. These are young people who are willing to develop the core values of responsibility, integrity, scholarship, and excellence and demonstrate these values by wearing their uniform proudly, completing their homework every night, seeking out help from teachers and other adults when they need it, and developing college bound skills and interests through our enrichment program.

If you are ready to rise to this challenge Mott Hall is for you.

Applying to MHCS

Each year Mott Hall Charter School accepts 90 rising 6th graders eligible to enroll in New York City schools with admissions preference given to students residing in Community School District 9 where the school is located.  All applicants must be residents of New York State at the time of application and must be able to demonstrate residency through proper identification.

We accept rising 7th and 8th grade scholars on a limited basis given seat availability.

Learn More

We strongly encourage all interested families to attend an Information Session to learn more about Mott Hall Charter School.  Throughout the year Mott Hall holds these sessions on weekday evenings and Saturdays for families to learn more about the key features of the school, what is takes to be a successful Mott Hall scholar, and what we expect of our parents.

Click the button below to see upcoming Information Session dates and times.


Elementary Schools and Community Organizations

Mott Hall Charter School will schedule exclusive presentations for individual schools and community organizations serving rising 6th graders. To schedule a visit to Mott Hall or if you would like us to present at your school or site please contact us.

To learn more about our school and the admissions process or to schedule a visit or get an application contact our admissions team by clicking here.

Join the Team

Mott Hall Charter School seeks teachers committed to helping us build a legacy of educational excellence who possess the following:

  • Strong classroom management skills (experience teaching urban, low-income students)
  • Middle school experience (with an understanding of early adolescent development)
    Content and pedagogical expertise (utilizing the workshop model of instruction and inquiry-based learning)
  • Technology savvy (understanding how to use technology to enrich instruction and accelerate student learning)
  • Collaborative leadership and a willingness to play multiple roles in a small educational community (participating in teacher committees, coaching, leading enrichment clubs, etc.)
  • A belief in a humanistic approach to education (our whole child approach focuses on the development of mind, body, and character equally).

6 Reasons to Teach at Mott Hall Charter School

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Download Mott Hall Charter School’s
Teacher Job Description.

We recruit staff year-round, so if you meet the criteria above and would like to join our team please contact us.

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The MHCS Team

The Mott Hall Charter School Board of Trustees ensures the school’s success by providing academic, operational, fiscal, and legal oversight and support, and holding the school accountable for the achievement of its performance and outcome goals.

To view the calendar of Mott Hall Charter School annual Board meetings click the button below.

Calendar of board meetings

Board of Trustees

Sarah Calderon

Sarah Calderon

is the Executive Director of Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education, a non-profit serving schools, youth, and communities in the Bronx and throughout New York City. Formerly, Ms. Calderon managed the NYC Department of Education Arts Education Taskforce. Ms. Calderon holds an M. Ed. From Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, a BFA in Printmaking, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington

is a labor and employment attorney.  She has a B.A. in English Literature from Williams College.  At Williams, she developed and taught several enrichment courses at the Williamstown Elementary School, and was a docent at the Williams College Museum of Art.  She has a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, where she was the Managing Editor of the Intellectual Property Law Journal.

Jesse Margolis

Jesse Margolis

is an educational consultant specializing in data, accountability and evaluation. Mr. Margolis was the Director of Performance Reporting in the Office of Accountability and the Director of Analytics in the Office of Student Enrollment Planning and Operations at the New York City Department of Education. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from New York University and a Bachelors Degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Harvard University.

Kamoy Smalling

Kamoy Smalling

is a member of the Principal Investments team at a top real estate private equity firm. Prior to joining her current firm, Ms. Smalling worked within Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Investment Bank and Private Wealth Management Division. Ms. Smalling graduated with high honors from Harvard University with a Bachelors of Arts in History and Science and a language citation in French. Ms. Smalling is a native of the Bronx.

Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson

is the Director of Human Resources at Programs for Parents, Inc., (PfP) a not-for-profit organization which works to ensure that children get the best possible start in life. A former Vice President of Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs, she led the Global Leadership and Diversity efforts for the Americas. Ms. Thompson holds a Masters of Public Administration, Advanced Management and Finance from Columbia University.

Richard Cohen

Richard Cohen

is a Special Counsel at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP with a focus on technology, privacy, intellectual property and cyber security matters. He served as legal counsel for IBM and AT&T in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Richard graduated Harvard University Cum Laude in History and Literature and holds a dual Masters of Education and Juris Doctorate from Boston University and an LL.M Certificate in International Law from the University of Helsinki.

Eve Hendricks

Eve Hendricks

Is the Parent Representative to the Board of Trustees. She is the mother of an 8th grade scholar at Mott Hall Charter School. Ms. Hendricks is originally from Jamaica and has lived in the Bronx for the past eighteen years. She would like her son to go to a top high school, graduate from college and pursue a doctorate degree.

Karen Bhatia

Karen Bhatia

is an attorney and entrepreneur. She is the principal of her own law firm working with tech startups and previously practiced law on Wall Street focusing on capital markets transactions, especially in Latin America. She has a B.A. from Stanford University, a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a J.D. from George Washington University Law School. Ms. Bhatia attended public schools in Queens and the Bronx.

Glenn Completa

Glenn Completa

Is the Teacher Representative to the Board of Trustees. Mr. Completa is an English teacher with more than thirteen years of teaching experience at the middle school level. He has taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and has served as English Department Chair. His approach to teaching is founded on the belief that students succeed with a caring and motivating teacher as their leader, mentor, and role model.

Dominque H.

Dominque H.

Is the Scholar Representative to the Board of Trustees. Dominique is an 8th grader at Mott Hall Charter School. She aspires to attend a Boarding high school next fall and to ultimately attend UCLA for college.
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School Leadership

Bob Lesser

Bob Lesser

is the Executive Director for Mott Hall Charter School. He was an Associate Director in the New York City Department of Education’s Office of New Schools. Mr. Lesser has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Vassar College and is a trained psychotherapist.

Connie Lobdell

Connie Lobdell

Is the acting Principal of Mott Hall Charter School. Previously Ms. Lobdell served as the Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at Mott Hall. She brings to this position more than ten years of experience in English language education in the Bronx. Ms. Lobdell holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and Communication from Marist College, an M.S. in Urban Education and an M.S. in School Building Leadership from Mercy College, and an M.A. in Speech and Intercultural Communication from New York University.

Ofier Sigal

Ofier Sigal

is the Director of Operations for Mott Hall Charter School. Most recently Mr. Sigal was the Director of Operations at a charter high school in the Bronx. Mr. Sigal has held the positions of middle school Special Education and Science teacher, Director of Technology, and Assistant Principal. Mr. Sigal holds a Master of Science in Educational Administration and Supervision from Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs.

Dr. Meghan Oppenheimer

Dr. Meghan Oppenheimer

is the Director of Social and Emotional Health at Mott Hall Charter School. Dr. Oppenheimer holds her Doctorate in Psychology with a focus on child, adolescent and family. Her expertise is in trauma, strength-based character development and stereotype threat. Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Oppenheimer taught middle school mathematics. She holds her BA from Princeton University where she was a member of the woman’s national semi-final soccer team.

Chris Matesic

Chris Matesic

is Mott Hall Charter School’s Director of College Readiness. Previously Mr. Matesic was the Director of the College Bound Student Athlete Program at the Children’s Aid Society securing college admission for underserved students. Mr. Matesic has taught English, Spanish, Social Studies and Physical Education. He holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Sofia University and a BA in International Relations from Hunter College.

How to Contribute

Help us build our legacy of educational excellence in the South Bronx


Get involved with our Conversant Mentor Initiative, host a College and Career Learning Journey, and more.

Support Our High School Scholarship Fund

While many of our scholars are admitted to top catholic, private and boarding schools their families often cannot afford even the reduced tuition they must pay to attend. Our Scholarship fund makes it possible.  

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Make a one time, recurring, or multi-year gift to support Mott Halls greatest needsDouble or even triple your gift through your or your spouse/partner’s company gift matching program

Support Our Annual LIFT Fund

Each year we have scholars whose lives are shaken when a parent falls sick or loses their job. When this happens families may not be able to buy our school uniform, afford groceries, keep the lights and heat on, or pay the rent. LIFT Fund monies are used to support MHCS families in need.

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We are located at 1260 Franklin Avenue in the Morrisania neighborhood of the South Bronx. We are accessible by the B or D trains (167th Street stop), the 2 or 5 trains (Freeman Avenue stop), and the Bx 35 Bus.


Our site includes a library, cafeteria, outdoor yard, and indoor mini-gym. We are located across the street from Bronx Lebanon Hospital and are a short walk from beautiful Crotona Park.


Morrisania is primarily comprised of families of Dominican, Central American, African American, and West African descent and our school reflects this diversity of cultures.


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1260 Franklin Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456
Phone: (718)991-9139
Fax: (718) 991-9150
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